XenServer Backup Tool

I’ve been trying out various XenServer backup tools including the native one. Without having the budget of $2000 I came across 2 great XenServer backup utilities:
Alike Q-Hybrid
Fungusware Xackup

The Alike Q-Hybrid version is free although you’ll get the following; most important limitations:

  • Only 1 host
  • 1 concurrent job
  • Only 2 backups per VM

If you want to upgrade to the Standard versions which will remove these limitations you’ll be paying at least $899 a year. Don’t get me wrong here it’s a great product but what I’ve been looking for is a XenServer backup utility which is capable of: Scheduling backups, compressing backups and maintaining different host / running concurrent jobs. After using a while the Free edition of Alike I decided to look out for alternatives and came across Xackup.

Xackup is an easy to use light weight solution to backup up your XenServer virtual machines. As they describe;

“We don’t offer all the flash features like those $2000 dollar tools out there, but we also don’t cost $2000, in fact we cost less than a tenth of that. We also don’t require a dedicated server, management process, VM Agents or management VMs.”

This is absolotely true. If we compare Alike versus Xackup you’ll see that you won’t be able to sync backups to a different server and do a true one click Disaster Recovery. So if you don’t need these features Xackup is a great alternative. They support all major Windows versions(both Server & Client) so you can litterly run it off every Windows Machine. Xackup comes in 4 versisons: Free, Basic, Pro, Elite while the Elite versions only costs less than $90.

Some screenshots:






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