Out-Of-Box Driver Selector

If you don’t have many different Computer Models / Brands to maintain in your organization it is common to import all drivers into one MDT Out-Of-Box Driver folder. But what if drivers from different models overlap each other? In this article I’ll explain how to create a Driver Selector based on Brand & Model.

Personally I’d like to keep things clean. That’s why I created a folder for each Operating system / Architecture. The structure looks as follows:
—| (BRAND)
—-| (MODEL)

I added all drivers in the specific folders. To speed up the deployment process I delete all x86 drivers in the x64 folders and vice versa. Especially when it comes down to Lenovo drivers it could be that duplicate drivers will get imported. Remove also the duplicates as this will also speed up the deployment process.

To find out the MAKE & MODEL from your computer you can either run a CMD command or via MSInfo32:
CMD Command:

wmic computersystem get model


Go to Start -> Run -> msinfo32
The following dialog will appear:

Next go to your customsettings.ini:
Right click MDT Deployment Share -> Properties
Then go to the Rules tab
We’re only using 64 bit Windows 8.1 installations in our Deployment Server so by default I add the following lines to the customsettings.ini file:

DriverGroup001=Windows 8\x64\%Model%

If you want to select a different driver folder for every model you can add the model on top of every DriveGroup:

[HP Notebook 123]
DriverGroup001=Windows 7\x64\%model%

[HP Desktop 234]
DriverGroup002=Windows 8\x64\%model%

[Dell Laptop 345]
DriverGroup003=Windows 7\x86\%model%

[Lenovo Laptop 456]
DriverGroup004=Windows 8\x86\%model%

Another thing to note is that when using this procedure to deploy Lenovo machines, other special considerations may need to be made. This is due to the fact the Lenovo reports back a model string that frequently changes. This is explained further in the following blog which also has a recommended solution for dealing with this scenario:

I used the following article as reference:

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