Sharepoint 2013 Login without Active Directory

You might wonder how to login to Sharepoint using a non Active Directory account. The answer is here! Please see below how to create local Sharepoint 2013 users.

1. Create Local User on Server

1) Go to Start -> Run -> mmc.exe
2) Add the snap-in Local Users and Groups
3) Under Users Right click and select New User…
The user doesn’t need to be added to any groups

2. Create SQL Account

1) Open SQL Server Management Studio
2) Login to the Sharepoint SQL Instance
3) Go to Security -> Logins
4) Right click on Logins and select New Login…
5) For the login name Search for the local user you created in step 2. Make sure the authentication mode is set on Windows authentication.

3. Add user to Sharepoint 2013 Site

1) Browse to your Sharepoint Site
2) Go to the Sharepoint 2013 Site Settings
3) Under Users and Permissions go to People and groups
4) Select the group you would like to make the users member from and select New
5) Enter the name of the recently created user in the following format: (SERVERNAME)\(USERNAME)
6) Click Share to add the user
Please note that the User password is being controlled via the Local Users and groups

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