Windows 7 like start menu True or Fake?

Recently I’ve implemented Windows Deployment Server in the company I’m working for. We are ready to push out Windows 8 + Office 2013 but before doing so we will hold off until Windows 8.1 is released(planned for Oct. 2013). The RTM version got send out to all major manufacturers. I’ve been unable to get my hands on the RTM version but the preview version is already available for a while. To be prepared for what’s coming I did some research about the return of the Start Button in Windows 8.1 Blue. There’s a lot of confusion because people speculate that a Windows 7 Start Menu will also make its return which is based on the following screenshot:

After I tested the Windows 8.1 preview version it came to light that this is not going to be the official Start Menu. The Start Menu in above screenshot is from “Stardock( Below the actual Start Mene(by right clicking the Menu button. Left click will bring you to the Windows 8 Metro Dashboard):

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